Lipotso tse ncha

  1. What is the major problem idependent African state

  2. Before world war 2nd korea had been under who is the control

  3. Haile Selassie s government react to long years famine that ravaged north ethiopia in 1960s and 1970s

  4. The origin of veto power given to the five permanent members the UNO security council

  5. What's diffrent between world war and cold war

  6. What isaa reform of derg

  7. The Kuomintang part is

  8. Kuomintang part is what do

  9. Who was founder of kuomintang part

  10. Who is frist name secretary general of the united nation organization

  11. Who is the name of the currently general secretary of united nation organization

  12. Who is name the fist general secret of united nation organization

  13. Who is there's fist secret of UNO

  14. Conter revolution

  15. Italian visory

  16. Emancipation

  17. Liberate addis abeba organized

  18. Sovietts

  19. The vetran of adwa

  20. Cheka

  21. Kulaks

  22. Duma

  23. Mosula wa thuto ke engh??

  24. Kgori ke motho yo ntseng jang di tiro tsa gagwe

  25. Kgori

  26. Nama ya kgapeletsa e thuba pitsa

  27. Mafelo a borutelo

  28. Biology is what

  29. Izana

  30. Geladios

  31. Jimma

  32. What is zague Fall

  33. Who is the first King of Ethiopian

  34. What is enter USA world war can second 1942

  35. What is USA enter 1917warld war

  36. What is trangular trade

  37. What Primary storage used to store data permanent

  38. Primary storage used to store data permanent or temporary

  39. What is the CPU help from addition

  40. What is monitor screen

  41. What is celect a displayed draw picture

  42. What's control unit monitor separate

  43. Random access memory is permanent or temporary

  44. __is commonly known as appointing device used to control unit monitor

  45. What is in put device

  46. What is secondary storage uses official

  47. Who is out put sound computer

  48. Thuto ke Eng

  49. Botlhokwa jwa thuto

  50. Fa nka falola ditlhatlhobo tsa bogare jwa ngwaga